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The Corrs "Talk On Corners" Full Album MP3s Free Download

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1. Only When I Sleep Download MP3
2. When He's Not Around Download MP3
3. Dreams Download MP3
4. What Can I Do Download MP3
5. I Never Really Loved You Anyway Download MP3
6. So Young Download MP3
7. Don't Say You Love Me Download MP3
8. Love Give Love Takes Download MP3
9. Hopelessly Addicted Download MP3
10. Paddy McCarthy (instrumental) Download MP3
11. Intimacy Download MP3
12. Queen Of Hollywood Download MP3
13. No Good For Me Download MP3
14. Little Wing Download MP3
15. Runaway Download MP3
16. Forgiven Not Forgotten Download MP3

Comment: Cool album! A must get ! All songs are catchy and nice. I love listening to it over & over again. Recommended tracks are "Only When I Sleep", "Dreams", "What Can I do", "So Young" & "Runaway".
By fmonline

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