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First Music Online Help Page

MP3 Downloads

  We have been receiving a lot of e-mails regarding to the MP3 download problems. So we decided to put up 

  this page as to help u all to solve the relevant problems.

I can't download the file, I saw 403 Forbidden or "The page is currently unavailable" or the server 
won't let you to download the file. 
To get those files, you need to click back to this site. Then
right click and choose "Save target as" or "save link as", if this doesn't work then right click and copy 
shortcut or copy link location and paste it into your Getright or Go!zilla download manager.  
For Getright 4.0 users, you can fix the download problems by configuring your getright. Firstly, click on "Tools" on 
your getright, then select "Advanced", click on the "more" at the bottom, then you will come to "protocols", uncheck
the box of "Send referer in Http requests". This will let you download mp3 without being blocked by server.
1) I see some funny words in illegible form when I clicked on the mp3 link

Internet Explorer User: Right click and choose "save target as" to download the file.

Netscape User: Right click and choose "save link as" or hold shift+left click to download the file.


2) How can I play MP3 file?

You need a MP3 Player, we recommend u to download and use Winamp. It is free! You can use it to play all of your mp3 songs.

3) I couldn't play the file after I downloaded it

First , check whether the file is a zipped file,e.g You can see the filename contains extension of "zip". You need to use Winzip to unzip the file. If you fail to unzip the file (got error message) then u need to rename the file.
If the song sounds squeky or corrupted, use uncook to fix it.

4) How to rename the file?

Files downloaded that have the extension of .gz ,.ps, .bmp, .ra and any other name instead of "mp3", need to be renamed.

Windows user: Use Windows Explorer (windows key + e )or access your "My computer" click on "View" at the top, then select "Folder options", then go to "View", uncheck the box of "Hide files extension for known file types", refresh your directory by pressing "F5" key., locate your file, right click on it then choose rename. Change the extension of filename into .mp3 . E.g song.gz into song.mp3. Then try to play the file. If it doesn't work, rename into .zip and use winzip to unzip it.Sorry for causing so much trouble. THis is the only way to prevent the files from deleted by the server too fast.If u don't want to rename the file, u can drag the file and drop it at your winamp player. Your player will automatically start the song. You can also open the file by using winamp. In "files of type" choose "All files", then click on your downloaded file. If winamp doesn't play, then you have to unzip the file.

First Music Online Voting Page Help

1. Click on the button "Vote" to vote for a song. You are allowed to vote three times, either for a song or for 3 different songs.

2. After clicking the button, you should see a message starting with the word "Success".

3. For Netscape users, right click and choose "Back", then right click and choose "Reload Frame" (if necessary) to see your vote counts. In case the server is busy, just right click and choose "Reload Frame" to repost your vote.

4. For IE users, right click and choose "Back", then right click and choose "Refresh" (if necessary) to see your vote counts. In case the server is busy, just right click and choose "Refresh" to repost your vote.


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