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MP3 Decoder and Player

Winamp 2.5c:
Winamp is the best MP3 player in the world for the time being because still no other player can fight with it in the sense of performance. Although, the latest winamp will slow your computer down when the version increases but the advantage is more features is being added. If your windows is being deleted, you can just run winamp without going through the installation process (winamp) again when you re-installed your windows.

If you dislike the default interface you can change it with others interface. The interface in winamp is called "skin". You can even create your own winamp skin and exchange with others on the net. Besides, winamp can also change the skin randomly for you for every different song.


The interface is nice but a bit "too" nice because all the buttons is too small for user to actually click on it. As a result of this, this program is suitable for those who like the interface. Cannot change skin.


NAD MP3 Player:
Just a normal and easy to use player. The features that provided by this program is not as much as Sonique and Winamp. This player is good for novice user because of its easy to use and fast.

No need installation, just download the ZIP file and run the EXE file. That's it.


MP3 to EXE converter:
This is a program that can help you to convert your mp3 into self-playable file. It will include the player into the EXE file. This is best for you to present something because it has already combine the mp3 (your song) and the player together. Once you executed the .EXE file, the player will play the mp3 file.

This is easy for you to present to your friend if he / she don't have any mp3 player. Everything is being combined into a single, easy for transfer also.

Any feedback is welcome.

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